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D..... Y.......  21-02-2021

I have received both online and face-to-face therapy with Ayse KAYA GOKTEPE for about 1 year. Especially in trauma, EMDR treatment method provided convenience for my life. He contributed positively to my life both with his kindness and the advice he gave. I think that it has a positive effect on the treatment process as it constantly improves itself. There were times when we talked over time, without both of us noticing how the time passed. I am very grateful to him and his work.

Esra W....... 10-02-2021

Hello, I needed expert therapist support on my journey to know myself and develop self-compassion-love, and I contacted my dear Ayse Kaya Goktepe on the advice of a friend. It's good that!! We will complete 1 year together and the first day I met with Ms. Ayse is different from me now. First of all, Ms. Ayse is friendly, talkative, gives good book advice/recommendations and interesting and useful assignments about my personal development, enables her to confront her past with age-appropriate methods, can clean her emotions, is well-educated, both in the field and in the spiritual. well-equipped - this is a valuable detail for me, a productive, successful therapist I find. During the time we spent together, I found the opportunity to get rid of the burdens of the past, I started to love myself, I experienced enlightenment; As I experienced this enlightenment, my way of thinking and behaving changed in a positive way. This is an amazing thing!! During the consultation hour, he listens carefully, takes notes, intervenes where necessary, and I get a lot of pleasure from the conversation I had with him. I am very, very happy that I met him and that he accompanied me on this journey. If anyone wants to love themselves, to get rid of the emotional burdens of the past and to create a new me, DEFINITELY Ms. Ayse is the perfect fit for this job!

May her success always be, my dear lady Ayse  : )

FC 25-08-2020

When I started working with Ms. Ayşe, I was a new mother who was 4 months old but still in puerperium and I couldn't get over the situations that every puerperant went through and I was constantly blaming myself. When things started to get worse and worse day by day, I decided to get support from him. I can say that it changed my life in just 1 month. With his smiling face, sincerity, being an expert in his job and sweet language, he saved me from my thoughts that will never pass, and recovered me in a very short time. I can communicate with my daughter and my family in a healthier way and we are much happier. He has a great job for me. I strongly recommend! :)

Büşra Y..... 15-01-2019

As a result of my efforts to search for a psychologist on the internet from Ms. Ayşe, I decided to get therapy. He answered my questions with interest throughout my therapy process and continued the process by taking my opinion at every stage. Ayşe, who values her patients, with her smiling and sincere approach, ensured the confidence of being rested without being judged throughout the therapy, thus accelerating my recovery process. As a result of the therapies, I became more self-confident, valuable and not afraid to show their feelings.

Nuray Ö.... 13-01-2019

I saw Ms. AYşe while doing research on the internet. Without any previous knowledge, I decided to go to him with the positive and affectionate image on his photograph. My opinion in the interviews was not different. He is a very friendly and talkative doctor. You can easily express yourself to him. I believe you did your best to help. When there is a time-out situation at the end of the session, he does not interrupt, as if leaving something on his stomach, he politely gives time to the end of the subject and listens. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE WHO IS CONSIDERING GOING TO GO. With love.....

Ms. Dr. psychologist Ayşe Göktepe Ms. My Lord shrunk and confronted me at the time of destruction of my family troubles, I tried to msg her from DM on Instagram, but I didn't have any hope for myself, I thought maybe she can help, but maybe it was my hope to live. His warm love persistence helped me a lot in my son in the middle of adolescence, he really gave me a very different direction to my quality of life when I was hopeful, he gave me my courage, he took my troubled situation in the family in different ways and changed my life, he gave me a lot of effort, provided my company, and my home, which was destroyed, guided him. I love con and I recommend cooking, I am pleased with him, may my Lord be pleased with him, may he always be clear, he guided my path with the permission of my Lord, Insha'Allah, he will come to more beautiful places.

Sevil..... 07-01-2018

Şeyma.... 04-10-2017

I had the opportunity to get to know Ms. Ayse through social media. Then I became a client. I was amazed at his skill at uncovering problems. I can say that the questions he asks and his directions are so appropriate and decisive that he sheds light on you with this feature. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to get to know him. You can be sure that his sincere, warm, natural and naive attitude will make you feel very comfortable and safe with him. Thanks for everything..

Halima.... 07-06-2017

Since the first day I met Ms. Ayşe, I find her very friendly. Later on, by examining her CV, I also learned about her areas of expertise. His activities such as art therapy and music therapy caught my attention. I like the meticulousness of his sessions, his sincere approach to the client in a way that makes him realize that he is an individual, regardless of his age, and that he cares about every point. May your path always be clear. I sincerely wish you continued success. We need experts like you 🙂

Büşra B.... 21-05-2017

I want to say sister Ayşe because she is so warm, sincere and sincere. You feel sooo good while talking. It's like someone you've known for years and someone who knows you.. You discover yourself while answering his amazing questions.. You realize that there are aspects of yourself that you don't know in your answers.. I follow his speeches on television programs and the books he publishes. A successful psychologist! A door where you can go without thinking.. Ayşe KAYA 👍I wish you continued success.


I had the opportunity to know Ayşe Hanım when she started her university education. He is currently advancing in his career with fast and sure steps. I did not receive professional service, but in our meetings, he warms people with his fluent, pleasant conversations with his touches on life, when you say that I have a problem, he approaches directly with a solution-oriented approach, pulls people out of their problem and shows with nice conversation that the things we see as problems are very simple things :) is doing; I make great use of it. A few days ago he gave me his book as a gift and I started reading. It has fluent and enjoyable content. He is a well-equipped psychologist that I can definitely recommend.

Ozlem B.   17-05-2017

I am a university student and we met with Ayşe by chance in the cafe of the school. He is a warm-blooded therapist and we bonded with each other without knowing each other. I had a music therapy for 4 weeks and I was very pleased. Because he introduced me to me, most importantly, I got to know myself and loved many things that I couldn't do and didn't like. For example: I used to hate to be afraid, but from the first session to the last session, a lot has changed, I even enjoy the negativities in my life, and Ayşe is really friendly, smiling, excited and I have never seen any negative aspects of her. We loved her in a short time, we recommend her to everyone. If you want to get help from a therapist, this therapist should be Ayşe Kaya Skyscraper, she is a really successful therapist. You can go without creating the perception that the therapist will call me crazy so that there is no wrong perception on you. Because she is a therapist who values patient confidentiality. I loved it so much 😊


I met Ayşe Kaya through her music therapy group. Under his leadership, we had a very friendly and helpful group therapy. In the first session, with his smiling, warm-blooded attitude, he takes your first session anxiety away from you, never to come. The best qualities to look for in a therapist are to ensure that everyone in the group adopts the rules, to never approach us with judgmental attitudes, because as an individual with zero painting skills, I had an artistic concern when I drew a picture in my mind, but seriously, that artistic beauty is not important, what he really wants is a picture that mirrors our thoughts. it felt sincere. If I had to describe it with 3 adjectives, I would definitely say warm-blooded, calming, friendly. The employees are as warm-blooded as Ayşe Hanım. 😊

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